Destroy Hear, Here

In June 2014, I wrote and directed Hear, Here, an experimental opera at the New Museum with six performers and three musicians and objects (mountain/cave, ear-horn, eye-light). The piece had 23 distinct parts that were really difficult to keep organized, so I eventually hung a set list very large on the wall. I’ve always been curious about how audiences remember/archive performance work, but in the case of this piece, I was also interested to know how the performers remembered the work. I asked them all back to the same theater with the simple instructions that they were not supposed to look back at the script and then to work together to re-form the piece from their memories. This video represents this process of resurrecting memory and a certain decay.

Included in the exhibition "Destroy she said" at Pierogi's Boiler, curated by Saul Anton and Ethan Spigland, March 5– April 5, 2015. Huge thanks to the performers and Johanna Burton at the New Museum.

Director: Jeanine Oleson. Performers: Beth Griffith, David Gould, Lisa Reynolds, Diwa Tamrong, Tony Torn and nyx zierhut. Camera: Nica Ross and Ashley Middleton. Lighting: Derek Wright.