Hear, Here

A large-scale project that included an exhibition, several public programs and workshops, a publication, and an experimental opera over the course of a four-month residency at the New Museum.

Taking the form of a multi-platform project, “Hear, Here” asks: How can we attune ourselves to each other? Where is the agency in language? What does it really mean to listen? This exhibition brings together a series of shaped documents as well as new objects for the making of an experimental opera. Many of these objects are not exactly sculptures—they have been built for future use as catalysts to sharpen and call attention to the act of looking and listening while physically addressing paradox. The show also serves to provide an interactive space during the Gallery Sessions. In early June 2014, many of these items moved downstairs, where they were used in a experimental opera that knits together existential strife, physical metamorphosis, and the aesthetic-political potential of the human voice with some extant humor.